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no dig market garden

A lot of the vegetables we sell come from our own no-dig market garden, less than a half a mile away from the shop.

We bought the land in 2017 from a neighbouring farmer who was born in the cottage where we now live – right next door to the shop.

It had been used until then as grazing for sheep, so was rough pasture, but we were confident that we could transform it into a productive market garden using the organic, no-dig principles of Charles Dowding. The basic principle is to mimic nature by feeding the soil, laying down compost and mulches to reduce weeds, improve soil health and capture carbon. You can find out how that works here: charlesdowding.co.uk

Several tonnes of compost – and one new baby – later, and the 2.5-acre plot is transformed: a polytunnel and several large vegetables beds, 70 new fruit trees and a wildflower meadow which is home to our small flock of free-range hens, who provide the eggs we sell in the shop.

We hope you enjoy our gallery of pictures below.