Orchard TreeOur Suffield orchard is home to a wide range of native apple, plum and pear trees including many heirloom Yorkshire varieties. Soft fruits grow alongside vegetables and wild flowers, and a nursery bed is home to young apple trees grafted from our existing stock.

In 2012 we began restoring a nearby disused orchard – after many hours of careful pruning, extensive restoration, and re-planting, the orchard has sprung back to life again and is full of fruit and wildlife.

At Tree Top Press, we grow our fruit organically (currently applying for certification) working with nature to promote healthy, bio-diverse eco-systems. For us, organic growing is a way of life and extension of our belief in a more equal and sustainable society.

By planting hedges, trees and bee & bird friendly wild flowers we aim to encourage a wide variety of beneficial flora and fauna to the orchards.

Our land is managed in a holistic way using traditional organic methods, with zero use of artificial pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. In their place we use organic composts, mulches and manures to encourage healthy, fertile soil and use natural folia sprays (eg molasses, garlic, nettles and neam oil) to control pests and fungus on the trees.


Orchard Hanging Coat Orchard Blossom